Agroforestry initiative in Rwanda has been going on for so long. As the years go by, the government and its partners are stepping up their efforts to promote agriculture and animal husbandry. And Agroforestry is a very effective program to deal with drought in some parts of Rwanda, especially in the East.

Cassava crop is one of the top sources of wealth for both Rwandans and foreigners, with research showing that it is one of the top five consumable crops for Rwandans. However, although it is clearly understandable that it has a large consumers, its production does not reach the level of satisfying at least all Rwandans.

Beekeeping in Rwanda, has been one of the longest-running professions for centuries. Only as the years go by, the beekeepers do not hesitate to raise their voices, saying that the profession takes a big toll on the country, but many do not care about it, yet if it continues like this, would lead to the extinction of bees, thus having a serious impact on agriculture.